Care Instructions

Disclaimer: This product is not a surgical mask.

1. Do not machine wash the mask.


2. Remove any mask filter before washing and dispose used filter responsibly after use.

Do not re-use filters.

3. For better results, please handwash gently with soap and rinse. Do not soak the mask in water and do not wring the mask.

4. After washing, please separate the black inner fabric from the front fabric by gently pulling them apart and air drying the mask to prevent the risk of any residual black dye from the inner layer staining the front fabric.

care instructions 2.png

Return & Exchange Policy

All masks sold are non-returnable and non-exchangeable due to hygiene reasons. If there are any fabrication defects, please send your request and photos by dropping us a message on our website or through FB message. Our team will look into your request and get in touch with you as soon as possible. Please take note only new and unwashed mask can be considered for a return or exchange.